Thursday, 23 January 2014

Win a Valentine Tatty Teddy!

Valentine's Day Contest (Canada & USA)!

Don't miss out on our St. Valentine's Day Contest!
It is free to enter and the winner will receive their Tatty Teddy Love Bear to be sent to whomever they wish to receive it.
"I Love You This Much" - Find him HERE

So, get your entries in now (entry cutoff date is February 3th 2014), we want to make sure you receive your free Tatty Teddy Love Bear before Valentine's Day.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Business and Teddy Bears!

How Teddy Bears Can Make Your Company More Ethical!


An interesting video from Harvard Business Review explaining why childhood cues could improve employee behavior.
The conclusion is that adults behave better when Teddy Bears are in the room.


Another interesting thing that Dr. Sreedhari Desai found in her study was that "if companies have five or more day-care centers, nurseries, or kindergartens within a two-mile radius of their headquarters, their charitable giving increases significantly". 

So to work/behave better maybe we all should have a Teddy Bear close by


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Valentine's Day Teddy Bears!

Teddy Love & Teddy Hugs

Our Teddy Bears want to remind you that we are planning now for St. Valentine's Day.
They want to be sent to loving and caring homes where they can give and receive lots of teddy hugs!

Stora Bukowski with a felt heart from En Gry & Sif

Tatty Teddy and Lindt Chocolate!
We have many cute Teddy Bears to choose from, as well as delicious chocolate to add to your order for that special someone. 
Maybe you would like to have your Teddy Bear gift wrapped too? We can look after most of your wishes here at

Welcome to our WEBSHOP!

Teddy Hugs

Friday, 3 January 2014

Send A Teddy's first year!

Thank you!

This first year with Send A Teddy has been an exciting and steep learning curve. We are so thankful for all the amazing customers that bought our Teddy Bears in 2013. It is such a joy to help people share their love with family & friends.
Teddy Bears are sent for many different reasons. One particular time a Teddy Bear (sent to a hospital) was returned to us. We contacted the buyer and found out that the woman had past away, it happend very fast and she never received the Teddy Bear. 

This little Bukowski Angel Teddy sat on my desk for a while and I couldn't put him back for sale. I felt like he belonged to her. I made him a special place where he sits together with the card (after permission from the customer). It always reminds us to be humble and keep putting our love into our work preparing and packaging those special Send A Teddy gifts.

Our returned Angel Teddy Bear

"Thank you so much for the refund and also for the wonderful words that this Teddy will have a special place in your store. It was meant for a very special person, so these words meant a lot to me.

Best Regards,