Monday, 20 October 2014


Send a Teddy for Halloween!

This little monster is named Bleeper! He comes with a colorful Candy Bag full of Tootsie candy. He is both cute and a little scary.....or what do you say? :)

If you are looking for really scary Teddy Bears you should check out Teddy Scares

GUND Teddy Bears!

New little sweeties has arrived! 

We welcome GUND Teddy Bears to the SendAteddy family! 

GUND is recognized worldwide for their quality and innovation. As always we pick and choose the cutest ones!

GUND Teddy Bears are free of any toxic chemicals or flame retardants as all of SendAteddy's bears!
Check out our new adorable GUND Teddy Bears here.

Bleecker is one of our favorites, find her here!