Monday, 30 September 2013

Winner September 2013!

Congratulations Jay Morby!


Jay Morby, Kitchener, ON, Canada won this month's Teddy Bear contest with the following message:

"My wife has just gone through a difficult pregnancy and delivery of our beautiful new son. He is having a bit of a difficult time eating and sleeping, so it's giving my wife fits. This teddy bear would be a nice surprise and give her a bit of a lift!"

Bukowski's sweet little Caroline is on her way! 

Thank you for participating in Send A Teddy's contest and congratulations to you both and your new little baby. 
We will send you something for the little boy as well :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Free Cards with Carlsson!

Model for a day!

Someone asked me the other day about the Teddy Bear on our free cards. The story is that my friend and artist Karen Maw painted my puppy "Carlsson" as a Teddy Bear. 

We thought it was so cute so we decided that he will be the motive on the free cards.

There are many cards to choose from in the store
but if you want a free one you can use
 our "Carlsson-cards"!

Carlsson live....and as a Teddy Bear :)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Teddy Bear for someone you love a lot!

Tatty Teddy ....the big boy!

Say hi to our newest Tatty Teddy.
He is much bigger than the others and holds three plush hearts.
If you wan`t to send lots of love to someone you should go for this sweet boy :)


You can order him or read more about him here


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bear Paw Mittens!

I just have to show you those bear paw mittens! 
They are made from the same material as the Warm Buddies and are 
so soft and comfortable !

Bear Paw Mittens

......and super cute :)    Find them here!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Excellent Feel Good Product!

One very special and new guy in our store is the Canadian Warm Buddy.

Originally, Warm Buddy products were aimed at the medical market and were widely used by medical practitioners in their treatments with infants and premature babies. 

Those warm-up plush animals are held to the highest standards of quality and safety in the World. Every Warm Buddy is designed to provide sleep therapy and natural relief from aches, pain and stress. 

Large Warm-Buddy

The removable inner heat pack (made of 100% pure white rice) can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. 
Another popular Warm Buddy is the Puppy.  Both the Bear and the Puppy comes in two sizes.

They are super soft, fluffy and really cute!
Order in good time before Christmas to be sure to get one! 
Find them here at Send A Teddy!


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Win a Bukowski Teddy Bear

It has been an interesting year since my first little text on this "Sendateddy-blog" almost a year ago.
We have had so much fun doing this and we are humble to be a part of sharing the love message between people!

I guess blogging once a year isn't what they recommend so I will try to post more often :)
 Please forgive my Swenglish, it will probably shine through now and then that I am a Swede living in Canada.

Something happened the other day that never happened before at Send A Teddy. It was sad and most humbling. I will tell you about that another day soon...when we are ready. (See the first post 2014).

Today I want to let you know that last month we started a contest on SendAteddy.
Every month you can win a cute Teddy Bear that we ship to a friend of yours with the "winning reason" to why you want this person to have it!

This month it is a Swedish designed Bukowski bear named Caroline that will be sent!
Do you have someone in Canada or US to send your love to, this is a sweet way of doing it :)